Why have I received this email?

Web Windows B2B Email Marketing Policy

Business to business email marketing has become a common and accepted practice. It is a strategy that many UK companies use as an integral element of their overall marketing function. For Web Windows email marketing represents an efficient way of communicating time sensitive B2B marketing related proposals to selectively targeted businesses. To see more detail on our business-to-business email marketing approach please see the FAQ below.

Frequency Asked Questions

I have received an email from Web Windows and want to know where you got my details from?
Your details could have been obtained from a variety of different sources: A member of staff may have genuinely come across your business on the internet and identified you as a potential business for our web marketing services. Alternatively, your details may have been acquired from a number of data suppliers that we work with, each of whom are members of the Direct Marketing Association. A third source of information generation is the variety of double opt-in forms that have been on our website for the last 8 years.

How can I stop receiving emails?
Web Windows does not want to send you emails which are not welcome or which could be regarded as a nuisance. The easiest way is to let us know that you no longer wish to be mailed is by clicking the unsubscribe link at the foot of all our emails. Alternatively, please use the form below. If you choose to unsubscribe by any other means (emailing or calling us) do not forget to let us know the email address which we have been contacting you on.

How do I know that I have received a genuine offer and not some kind of scam?

The internet is renowned for dubious email offers and people are often right to be suspicious. However, the email marketing that Web Windows uses communicates detailed offers, efficiently and within tight timescales. For most of our clients, emailing is their preferred method of communication but if you would rather not hear from us we will stop getting in touch. Our long history of trading and our client base of thousands of businesses should help alleviate some concerns about the authenticity of our offers.

What are the regulations surrounding email marketing?

Under EU Laws, B2B emailing within the UK is a perfectly permissible form of marketing providing it follows certain guidelines:

The email states who it is from

The subject is clear and unambiguous

An unsubscribe link is included within the message

Full contact and company details are included

If you believe that Web Windows does not adhere to any of the above please let us know. We are very diligent in working within the guidelines and recognise their importance.

What is Web Windows’ relationship with the newspapers?

Web Windows has an enduring relationship with many national newspapers some of whom we have used every week for over 15 years. This means that we have been able to negotiate rates often unrivalled by other advertising agencies or advertisers. We are proud of our independence and want to ensure that when we send an email that the recipient is aware that the offer being made is from Web Windows and not directly from the media owner.

What is Web Windows’ policy regarding emailing?

We recognise that nobody wants to be bombarded with emails so it is for that reason that we have a self-imposed limit of not emailing prospective clients any more frequently than every six weeks. We will only send an email if there is something appropriate to get in touch about and we always try to vary our emailing. For example, if we have contacted you regarding SEO previously, we will wait at least six weeks and then if the opportunity is there we may decide to offer online advertising or PPC management. Our services are primarily targeted at small businesses, on limited budgets looking to increase traffic through their websites.

I do not agree with your email marketing policy, how do I complain?
Any complaints must be directed to the Managing Director, Andrew Mogridge, at the address below where they will be dealt with as speedily as possible:

Web Windows Marketing Ltd
1 Minerva Business Park
Lynch Wood