Geo Targeting

Online advertising is now available to businesses with even the smallest of catchment areas. Banner ads are a viable alternative to regional press, particularly has response levels from local newspapers are in long term decline.

Geographically target banners to a 25-mile radius

Mentioning a city in your ad copy improves CTR

A viable alternative to local press

International campaigns are possible too

Target by:

  • City

  • County

  • Geographical Region

  • Country

  • Continent

Questions & Answers

What is Run-of-Network advertising?

Run-of-Network advertising is mass market advertising which is ideal for any website owners looking for huge coverage and high response levels. Our online media buyers take advantage of purchasing unsold banner ads on quality websites and discounts of 98% are not uncommon.

Where will the banner ad appear?

In short, anywhere on the Internet and restricted to UK only traffic. Web Windows deals exclusively with quality websites and these vary from to Zoopla. Owing to the nature of buying late availability banner space, we cannot guarantee in advance which websites are likely to have the best deals, but we will provide you with a weekly report giving campaign details.

How is Web Windows able to purchase banner ads so cheaply?

Advertising agencies can now purchase online advertising electronically, like a commodity. Using our considerable experience we can purchase banner advertising at a fraction of the cost when compared to the alternative, which is to approach individual website owners directly.

What levels of response can a 28 day Run-of-Network campaign be expected to generate?

This is a difficult question to answer because no two markets are the same, but based on what has been achieved with recent clients you should expect somewhere between 2,000 to 4,000 visitors over a 28-day period. For a business currently generating low levels of traffic this can represent an enormous hike in typical visitor numbers.

Also Consider Retargeting

Retargeting is a way of displaying banner ads to anyone who has recently been on your website. It is extremely effective.

Why I love Geo-targeting…

“I find that Geo-targeting is most effective when combined with other forms of online targeting like Contextual or Run-of-network. It allows you to really hone-down to an audience which is highly likely to be in the market for what you’ve got to offer.”

Jenni Garford, Senior Ad Exec

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