The Sunday Express is a distinguished paper
offering advertisers a prime readership.

Its Crusader logo epitomises the paper's
commitment to free speech and crusade
for values.

Introducing S Magazine

S Magazine is is a fashion and lifestyle magazine which is published with the Sunday Express every week.  From the paper with over 100 years’ experience in world and domestic journalism, S Magazine a contains a mix of celebrity contributors, topical editorial and shopping led pieces. The full 7-day television guide ensures S Magazine remains as a reference throughout the week.

Reasons to Advertise in The Express

The Sunday Express has a readership of 1.2 million

S Magazine has a female orientated readership

S Magazine has a ‘Let’s Shop!’ page for all small ads

Excellent reproduction so ads look great

7-day TV guide means repeat exposure for advertisers

As a media agency we pride ourselves on being independent. This means that you’ll receive unbiased advice and media buying recommendations.

Key Facts about The Sunday Express

1, 100 ,000 Total Readership
Social Demographics: ABC1 59%
Median Age 52
Main Shopper: 76%
Gender: Male 48% / Female 52%

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Why I love advertising in The Express…

“S Magazine in the Sunday Express is an absolute gem of a publication and is the perfect choice for loads of my clients. We particularly like the “Let’s Shop” section which is ideal for websites looking to reach consumers on a Sunday and in a mood to buy. It looks great and response is superb.”

Tom Anderson Print Group Head

Why we recommend The Express