The Times is the number one quality daily
newspaper for business readers.

It boasts the longest average reading time
than any other quality broadsheet.

Introducing The Times

The Times is a world renowned leader in journalism, comment and opinion. Since it was founded in 1785 it has been at the forefront of British journalism. The Times Magazine is a first class editorial package attracting an educated and sophisticated readership, covering topics from a world of luxury and glamour.

Reasons to Advertise in The Times

It has a market leading readership of over 1 million

The Saturday edition has 68% longer reading time

Award winning journalism

Retains a high proportion of repeat business

Highest proportion of business readers

As a media agency we pride ourselves on being independent. This means that you’ll receive unbiased advice and media buying recommendations.

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Key Facts about The Sunday Magazine

900 ,000 Total Readership
Social Demographics: ABC1 88%
Median Age 47
Average Income: £39,000
Gender: Male 58% / Female 42%

Further media information on The Sunday Times Magazine

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Why I love advertising in The Times…

“For clients looking to advertise in a quality broadsheet for the first time I often suggest The Times magazine as being a particularly good starting point. It is more competitively priced than The Sunday Times which means that you can test market and a more modest budget to see how response goes.”

Chris Martin Snr Ad Exec

Why we recommend The Times