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"Online advertising is ideal
for so many of my clients.
For them it's all about results."

Chris Martin
Web Windows Ad Exec

Run of Network

Reach a UK audience of millions and enjoy rates of up to 98% discount. This form of advertising takes advantage of the very best late rate deals available from unsold banner inventory on premium quality websites. Our standard package often generates response levels of 3,000 visitors or more.

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Premium Sites

Choose where to advertise from Web Windows’ extensive network of sites.  Find a site which promotes similar products or services, a brand that has a similar attributes, or an audience that shares the same demographic.  Over 50 of the top UK websites are available to choose from, so there’s something to suit every business.

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Banners displayed to web users that have already visited the advertiser’s website.  The viewer has already shown an interest in the company’s products or services.  It is successful because every time they see an ad, their chances of converting become higher.  Plus, ads reach them at a later stage in the buying process.

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Programmatic Advertising

This is a term for the automation of banner ads and it’s making advertisers think twice about how they spend their money. Without having any personally identifiable information, we might know which websites an individual has previously visited and by processing data, advertisers can target by buying intent, lifestyle other criteria.

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Contextual Targeting

Banner ads that are ‘in context’ with the editorial content on the page that is being viewed. Contextual targeting means ads are highly relevant to the audience; resulting in higher click-throughs and conversion rates.  It is proven to generate nearly three times more revenue than a non-targeted campaign.

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Geo Targeting

Target Internet users in a specific geographical location for maximum returns.  For many websites, geography is a key variable.  Drive potential customers to a bricks and mortar store, be in front of an audience who requires a local service.  Significantly reduce ad competition and benefit from click-thru rates of up to 30%.

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We have closely knit teams who work together to get the best results for you.

From Day 1 your Account Manager will ensure that both our Creative and Ad Operations departments are fully aware of your campaign’s objectives.

Five Stage Online Process

  • 1. Proposal

    Tell us about your business and the key objectives of the ad campaign. We'll put together a proposal around an agreed budget.

  • 2. Design

    One of our designers will create an animated banner ad for approval and we'll discuss an appropriate landing page.

  • 3. Set Live

    Our Ad Operations dept now take over and set the campaign live. An email notification is sent to confirm.

  • 4. Report

    On Monday and Thursday we'll send you reports detailing the progress of the campaign and how it's performing.

  • 5. Optimise

    Optimisation is the process of fine-tuning the campaign to ensure it achieves maximum impressions and high click through rates.

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Web Windows banners run last month
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Web Windows campaigns planned
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Average click through rate
  • The animation they produced for us was exactly what we wanted and the impressions soon clocked up.

    Bourjois UK
  • We did see a peak in sales after the initial few days of the advert running and an overall spiked increase in business was recorded.

    Sorted Surf Shop
  • [We] have increased sales both online and through our mail order service.

    PC Upgrade