Geo Targeted Banner Advertising

Reach a target audience located within a 25 mile radius of a town or city anywhere in the world.

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Geo Targeted Advertising

Geo targeting allows online advertisers to target web-users in a specific geographical location.  Banner ads are displayed according to the browsers country, county or city.  When an internet user requests a page from the server it queries their IP address then displays ads based on their location. Ads are highly relevant to the audience which results in higher click-through-rates and a better ROI.

In practice

For advertisers with a bricks and mortar business, geography is a key variable in whether a web browser is likely to convert.  There is little point in a Cambridgeshire car dealer displaying banner ads to people from Lancashire.  Potential customers want to see and test drive a car before they purchase.

It is unlikely that those customers will travel more than 50 miles to visit the company’s showroom so a banner campaign that displays ads to a nationwide audience is unsuitable.  Highly targeted ads displayed to people located in close proximity to the showroom will have a huge success rate.

 The benefits

Geo targeted local internet advertising outperforms other media because of the value it delivers.  Focusing on specific demographic characteristics means maximum return on exposure rather than wasting clicks on people who won’t benefit or be interested in the particular product or service. Conversion rates are substantially increased, with proven click-through-rates of up to 30% or more depending on the relevance of the web page.  In effect, it is a way to reduce competition.  Once visitors arrive on a company website, after viewing a highly relevant ad, they are more likely to convert too.

Local online advertising services

Web Windows online advertising programme supports geo targeting; allowing businesses to control where their ads are displayed.   Banner ads are displayed through Web Windows network of websites based on the visitor’s geographical location.  Ad content can be targeted to the browsers location too, for greater impact.

These features are built into the advertising platform at no additional cost, with the option to target:

Nationwide markets – UK or Ireland

Regional markets – Yorkshire, Greater London etc.

Small businesses can drive traffic to their physical shops or premises by targeting customers in the market for local providers.  This works particularly well for tradesmen, plumbers or electricians, as well as service-oriented businesses like estate agents and solicitors.  Medium and large organisations can drive customers to multiple store locations.  Geo targeting is also a well-recognised search engine optimisation strategy.  This involves making a website highly relevant for a particular location so it appears higher in the search results for local queries.  The same principle applies to Google Places optimisation, where the places listing is optimised, rather than the company website.

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