Retargeting gives website owners the ability to display banner ads specifically to people who have been on their site within the last 30 day period. From an advertisers perspective, it enables businesses to continue the marketing conversation with customers after they leave a website.

Benefits of Retargeting

Much Higher Click-Through Rates

Increased Conversions – brings back ‘window shoppers’

Better Brand Awareness – repeat exposure to key visitors

End of campaign reports are very detailed

Five steps to setting up your retargeting campaign

  • 1. Tell us how much traffic you get

    This influences the price and campaign period.

  • 2. A straight forward quote will be sent

    This will include a price and a likely campaign period.

  • 3. Code will be created for your site

    Pass this code to your web designer.

  • 4. The Campaign will be set live

    You'll feel the benefits almost straight away.

  • 5. Regular performance reports

    Twice a week we'll email you performance reports.

  • We see a noticeable increase in enquiries and sales with each advertisement, particularly on higher value items.

    Sit and Sleep
  • Pitney Bowes continue to advertise with Web Windows because we consistently receive a good return on investment.

    Pitney Bowes
  • Our hits to the website trebled since advertising on web windows.

    High Street Specs
  • We received an excellent response resulting in a substantial amount of orders and online enquiries.

    Holdsworth Chocolates
Also Consider Re-Targeting

Re-targeting is a way of displaying banner ads to anyone who has recently been on your website. It is extremely effective.

Why I love Run-of-Network advertising…

“If you are less concerned about brand building and would rather advertise to generate a tangible response then this is the form of advertising which is right for you. We use advertising exchanges to secure the lowest last minute advertising rates.”

Charlotte Coups, Online Group Head

Benefits of retargeting