Run-of-Network Advertising

This form of advertising allows businesses to take advantage of unsold banner inventory on quality websites for a fraction of the normal price. The banners are bought last minute and electronically which means that you will be able to purchase huge numbers of banners and be seen by a much larger audience.

Benefits of Run-of-Network Ads

You can purchase huge numbers of banners

The cost per thousand rate is very low

It is ideal for generating affordable traffic

End of campaign reports are very detailed

Sites you could appear on

  • We have every reason to be proud of the response we have received from the ads.

    The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company
  • A very dependable company to do business... sound advice and proven results.

    Roche Designs
  • Since running the advert we have had a fantastic response, lots of good quality enquiries.

    Dart Leisure
  • [We] found the traffic...increased by 25% [and] was sustained for quite some time afterwards.

    Internet Cameras Direct

Questions & Answers

What is Run-Of-Network advertising?

Run-of-Network advertising is mass market advertising which is ideal for any website owners looking for huge coverage and high response levels. Our online media buyers take advantage of purchasing unsold banner ads on quality websites and discounts of 98% are not uncommon.

Where will the banner ad appear?

In short, anywhere on the Internet and restricted to UK only traffic. Web Windows deals exclusively with quality websites and these vary from to Zoopla. Owing to the nature of buying late availability banner space, we cannot guarantee in advance which websites are likely to have the best deals, but we will provide you with a weekly report giving campaign details.

What levels of response can a 28 day Run-of-Network campaign be expected to generate?

This is a difficult question to answer because no two markets are the same, but based on what has been achieved with recent clients you should expect somewhere between 2,000 to 4,000 visitors over a 28-day period. For a business currently generating low levels of traffic this can represent an enormous hike in typical visitor numbers.

How is Web Windows able to purchase banner ads so cheaply?

Advertising agencies can now purchase online advertising electronically, like a commodity. Using our considerable experience we can purchase banner advertising at a fraction of the cost when compared to the alternative, which is to approach individual website owners directly.

Also Consider Re-Targeting

Re-targeting is a way of displaying banner ads to anyone who has recently been on your website. It is extremely effective.

Why I love Run-of-Network advertising…

“If you are less concerned about brand building and would rather advertise to generate a tangible response then this is the form of advertising which is right for you. We use advertising exchanges to secure the lowest last minute advertising rates.”

Charlotte Coups, Online Group Head

Run of Network