Emily Hilton.

Social Media / Graphic Designer

About Emily

Hi, my name is Emily Hilton and I’m a Graphic Designer on the Web Windows team. Having joined the company as an apprentice almost 2 years ago, I have now completed my Level 3 Digital Marketing course and work across both the design and social media teams at Web Windows. My role within the team enables me to explore my passion for design whilst also developing my enjoyment for researching, creating content for and engaging within the social media sector.

I work cohesively across both aspects of the team, creating high-quality designs in various formats for clients, as well as producing engaging and relevant written content that will be published on a range of social media platforms.

Emily specialises in:

● Graphic Design
● Social Media Emily’s Hobbies
When I’m not at work I really enjoy spending time with friends and family and it’s certainly something that like others, I have really missed throughout 2020. I also greatly enjoy taking my dog for long walks. He’s a Fox Red Labrador so as you can imagine, he likes a lot of exercise and it’s always nice to head outdoors and take a long walk. I also really enjoy exploring photography, my photos are only simple ones taken with my iPhone, but I enjoy taking and printing them to keep and look back on.

Favourite Film

I don’t tend to watch too many films, you’ll usually find me watching either a TV series or one of my favourite Youtubers, but a film that I watched recently and really enjoyed was Love Sarah. It has a really lovely storyline to it and is all about a bakery, with baking being a hobby that I enjoy myself.

Favourite Quote

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I have quite a few favourite quotes but I think this is the one that stands out the most. It’s easily applied to so many different aspects of life and all you need to do is simply believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Favourite App

My role on the social media team enables me to engage with a range of apps on a daily basis, whether they be social media or content creation related. Whilst I enjoy the variety of being able to access such a fantastic selection of apps, I have to admit that Instagram is definitely my favourite. There’s something so unique about being able to capture a memory and a story within a single photo that you can share with others and keep forever.

Favourite Food

I absolutely love pasta and could happily eat it everyday, but if I had to choose one dish in particular then it would have to be Lasagne.

Favourite Holiday Destination

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to visit an array of different countries and enjoy some amazing holidays. Three years living in Denmark, a month in Cyprus and visits to Mallorca, Tenerife and Lanzarote are just a few of the incredible holidays that I’ve enjoyed. But my favourite holiday destination has to be Florida, there really isn’t an experience like it and you just can’t beat a trip to Disney World!

Star Sign

My star sign is a Taurus.

Interesting Fact

One of the most interesting facts about myself is that I spent the first 3 years of my life living in Denmark. Whilst it’s one of my most interesting facts I do have to admit, heading over to the country when I was a newborn and returning at the age of three does mean that I can’t actually speak any Danish at all. Although it is certainly something that I would love to learn in the future!

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