Matthew Vines.

Account Director

Hi, I’m Matthew Vines, Account Director at Web Windows Marketing.

I started working for Web Windows in 2005, after seeing a Graduate Trainee advertisement in Stamford’s local paper and have thoroughly enjoyed working for Web Windows ever since. I did leave for a few years to help start up a Telematics insurance company with my father-in-law which was a great business learning opportunity. I returned to work for Web Windows in 2014 and really enjoy being part of a dynamic digital marketing team.

Web Windows has moved forward enormously since the earlier days of print advertising offers in the weekend broadsheet magazines. We now offer a full suite of digital marketing services including web design, digital marketing, marketing consultancy, design services and social media.

Along with our UK clients the company also has an ever-growing US client portfolio.
One of the main areas I enjoy about my job role is talking to clients, finding out about their business and advertising needs and helping them to find the best suited banner campaign/s for their online promotion. No two days are the same and on occasions selling such advertising products can be a challenge – as there are no definite guarantees. It is imperative to discuss the client’s needs, learn about their business, show product knowledge and sell the benefits, all with your own personality. We monitor our client’s campaigns while they are running and if necessary, come up with suggestions to help improve performance – at the end of the day we want our customers to be happy with the products we provide and for them to come back to us again with referrals and as returning clients.

Matthew Specialises in:

Online banner & print advertising

Matthew’s Hobbies

I have two sons, Riley, 12 and Tait, 8 – they are the lights of our lives, full of energy and a joy to bring up. Most of our weekends and spare time are spent supporting them on rugby and hockey pitches, athletics tracks and cross-country courses – both boys love their sports!

I like to go on family country walks (local & across the UK), running as often as I can to stay reasonably fit, as well as occasionally playing tennis and football too. Inside I like to read, watch movies, paint and drawing and dabble with home cooking!
When I can, I enjoy going to watch live sports, go to gigs, the theatre and catch up with friends for nights out or weekends away – although these tend to happen less as each year goes by!

Favourite Film

I can’t choose a favourite from Karate Kid (the original), The Goonies & Moneyball and can watch these over & over again. The first two 80’s classics remind me of happy childhood memories and simpler times. One of the lines I always remember from Billy Beane in Moneyball is “Hard Work may not always result in success, but it will never result in regret.”.

Favourite Quote

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr Seuss

You’re in control of yourself – this should never be forgotten. Of course, there are a number of external factors which influence us all, but you must remember that you’re in control and can choose to steer yourself in any direction you choose.

Favourite App

Has to be Spotify – I love listening to music and podcasts wherever I am – in the house, car or on a run. I listen to a variety of different artists and bands ranging from The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to Lana Del Rey and The Wombats – my musical tastes have definitely broadened as I’ve got older. Music is so emotive and can bring back a variety of memories – every style of music to suit your mood just a swipe away.

Favourite Food

The classic Sunday roast in a country pub with my family.
Favourite Holiday Destination
For me it has to be South Africa – the people, the scenery, the wildlife and the fantastic memories it has given me. I would love to travel more and after watching ‘The Long Way Up’ would really like to travel through the countries of South America. Other destinations I’d like to see and visit one day are Singapore, Hawaii, Turks & Caicos & Tahiti!

Star Sign

Interesting Fact
I stewarded at the 1995 FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, and part of my duties that day was to look after Eric Cantona who was banned from playing after his infamous kung-fu kick!

Contact Matthew
To find out how our digital marketing campaigns can put your business in front of a variety of the leading news sites in the UK and US to help you reach a wider, targeted and relevant, relevant audience.
Email or call me to find out how I can help.
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