Ruth Cowley.

International Account Director

Hi, I’m Ruth Cowley, International Account Director at Web Windows Marketing.

I started working for Web Windows in 2007, fresh out of the University of Teesside, where I graduated with a BA in Media and English. After a thorough job search as a new graduate, I went for a chance interview in our Stamford office, and haven’t looked back since!

Web Windows has changed and evolved enormously since our Stamford days, and I’m so pleased to have been involved in its growth at every stage – despite 2 periods of maternity leave, and a couple of house moves, I’ve stayed put. From the days of selling print space in the UK’s most sought-after weekend supplements, to moving into the ever growing online market, it’s been such an interesting learning curve, and so many of our clients have stuck with us, due to the fact that we know our stuff. We can now boast an equally strong US client-base, something that wouldn’t have crossed the mind of 21-year-old me on that first interview!

The best part of the job for me, has always been speaking with clients, finding out exactly what they want to achieve from a campaign, and helping them to reach that objective. Advertising can often be a tricky product to sell – nobody has a crystal ball to predict results from a campaign, but by thoroughly discussing the needs of a customer, and being able to monitor their campaign the whole way through, has certainly put us ahead of competitors. We care. It’s in our interest to make sure that our clients campaigns perform as well as possible, and that customer contact and input is what helps to build a successful campaign. I am, and always have been a talker, and it’s this that allows me to find out what makes a customer tick, and set their campaign off on the right path.


Ruth Specialises in:

  • Print advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Brand marketing


Ruth’s Hobbies

I have a young family – 7yr old Jack, 4yr old Martha and a young at heart Labrador/Husky X called Poppy – we rarely stay still for long! I’ll often be found on long dog walks, or on a beach on any spare weekend we have! I also love to bake (as do my kids), and every year I’m tempted to send in that Bake Off application, who knows, one day I might get around to it! When I do get the chance, I love live music and theatre, so will usually have my hands on tickets to see something, I’m happiest in theatreland! (Perhaps that’s why I can be a bit of a drama-queen!).

Favourite Film

The Sound of Music. I guarantee nobody can get to the end of the film without singing along.

Favourite Quote

‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’

John Lennon.

Completely true. And in todays society, even more so. I think we’re all guilty of being too busy, and not living in the moment. Some advice I probably need to take myself every so often.

Favourite App

Spotify. My house is rarely quiet, my car is never quiet, we’re a music loving bunch and while some of my (possibly terrible) music taste has rubbed off on my kids (they do know the words to a lot more Westlife songs than most 7 and 4 year olds!), I love having all that music in one place, there is quite literally something to listen to, all the time, however you’re feeling.

Favourite Food

Chocolate. More specifically Lindor – I will fight you for the last one. And I’d win.

Favourite Holiday Destination

I love to travel, and am lucky enough to be able to tick the US, Mexico (3 times), Morocco, Egypt, a large proportion of France, and Greece off my list. Mexico would be top of my list abroad, but I do have a soft spot for Cornwall – despite the weather usually being less than reliable, I’ve never had a bad holiday there, and would love to live in Padstow.. just need a lottery win first!

Star Sign


Interesting Fact

As a teenager, I called the police as I thought my neighbour was being burgled. He was in fact having a new dining table delivered, and was having his old one taken away. I’ve never lived it down.

Contact Ruth

To find out more about running a banner campaign on some of the leading news site in the UK/US, and opening up your brand to a wider audience, call or message me to find out how I can help. or 01733 513161

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