Tom Anderson.

Chief Strategy Officer

About Tom

Hi, I’m Tom Anderson; Co-Owner and Chief Strategy Officer of Web Windows Marketing. I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2011 with a degree in Business & Management. Shortly after, I started working for Web Windows as a graduate trainee and have lived on a strict diet of digital marketing ever since.

I consider myself to have been very lucky to have worked for Web Windows over that time and I have seen it changed beyond all recognition. If someone had told me the day I had my interview in the offices of our then accountants Brian Carrick & Co within 8 years I’d own the company I would have thought it was a joke. Over the last 10 years we’ve really expanded the services we offer and we’re really proud of that. We’ve grown fivefold, incorporated the company in the US and my proudest achievement is of course the management buyout. I hope that Mike and I, along with the rest of the team can continue the good work Andrew started.

I’m always very excited to be taking on a new challenge large or small. It’s surprising how often the success we achieve with a small project will hatch into a long and mutually profitable business relationship. I love the clients we work with and I love to see them flourish based on something we have done. We’re lucky to have such as good team.

Tom Specialises in:

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • PPC

Tom’s Hobbies

Outside of work, I love sport. I’ve always been really into playing sports from a young age. I’m getting on a bit now and the lads I play cricket with run rings around me but I still play to quite a high standard. I enjoy my golf as well. I’ve played quite a bit over the last year although it must be said not to such a high standard. My partner, Hannah and I are (for our sins) working on a house renovation at the moment so any days I get off are spent working on that which I can assure you, is much harder than the day job. We also have 2 young daughters – Edie & Honor – who are non-stop so we don’t get much chance for any quiet time, our lives are quite full-on.

Favourite Film

In all honesty I’m not a huge film buff – I have no idea who most actors even are. I always ask Hannah is that…. And she thinks I’m joking – I’m honestly not. If I had to choose my favourite film I’d probably Wolf of Wall Street.

Favourite Quote

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”Nelson Mandela

I think this is particularly prevalent in Digital Marketing. Not everything will work and it’s easy to get disheartened but it’s really important to test, test and try again until we find the winning formula. I’m also a massive fan of Nelson Mandela. I’ve been to South Africa a couple of times on cricket tours and visited Robben Island. That should be on everyone’s bucket list – a quite amazing man.

Favourite App

I use my phone mainly for work so that means I use all the Social Media Apps and probably news the most I would have thought.

Favourite Food

Tough one – I do like a good Curry washed down with a pint of Cobra!

Favourite Holiday Destination

I’ve been fortunate to go on lots of good holidays. I’ve also been to a number of Stag Do’s abroad; Vegas, Portugal, Spain, Prague – they are all interesting affairs! I obviously can’t miss out the staycations with Hannah, Honor & Edie. We regularly head across to Norfolk and Suffolk for a long weekend. I’ve also been to Australia 3 times and I’d definitely like to go back again so that would probably be my choice.

Star Sign


Interesting Fact

I’m a huge fan of horse racing. I used to own a Racehorse called Penny Dreadful. She was dreadful by name and nature unfortunately.

Contact Tom

Use my skills and acumen that have fuelled our success to help your business meet its sales and marketing goals. Call or message me for more information or check us out here or 01733 513355

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