Emily’s Lockdown Diary – Week Twelve

Today we’re giving you an insight into the week of Emily, who works across the graphic design and social media teams.

As another week of working from home draws to a close and we approach our weekly team meeting, I’m reflecting on the busy but productive week that I’ve had.

My week has consisted of a wide variety of tasks, something that I really love about my role. I’ve been busy creating new banner ad designs for a range of clients. Several of these designs have been approved throughout the week which has then allowed me to create additional sizes, ensuring maximum exposure of each campaign across all devices.

I’ve also spent time this week planning and creating high-quality content for a variety of social media clients. I’m currently working on content for July, with my week ranging from creating graphics and sourcing impressive imagery to researching relatable influencers.

It’s been a really productive week as always and now it’s almost time for the weekend. Have a great weekend!

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