Hannah’s Lockdown Diary – Week Thirteen

Todays update is from Social Media Manager, Hannah.

As we draw close to the end of another month, it’s all systems go for the Web Windows Social Media Team.

Like every week my tasks tend to be extremely varied, which is something that I enjoy about my role. No two days are ever the same. We have gone full steam ahead this week, reviewing and completing social content for July for each of our clients, as well as adapting anything previously created to be in line with the new Government Guidelines. Ensuring we are keeping up to date with social media trends but also the news for each industry is extremely important as being relevant is key!

I have also spent some time this week checking in with the team, making sure they are managing their workload efficiently but also checking in on a personal level too. Working from home and working in the social media industry can easily take its toll, so having conversations with my team members to make sure they are okay and assisting them in any way I can is something I like to do regularly.

It really has been a productive week and the team definitely deserves a relaxing couple of days off. Have a lovely weekend!

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