Lucy’s Lockdown Diary – Week Eight

Week 8 of lockdown has involved lots of research and writing, which I always enjoy. I spoke with a travel client about what the topic of this months’ white paper should be, and we decided that what the world needed right now was some hope and excitement when it comes to travel. We agreed that instead of writing a white paper about the effects of fraud or coronavirus, I should write an extended blog post about some must-see locations to visit when it is safe to do so. That is exactly what I did, and I now want to visit Crete, Toronto, and Shanghai!

We also had a new blog client come on board this week. They manage corporate living apartments in the USA, and I’ve been writing about how they are changing their operations to keep their guests safe during the pandemic. They have done a really good job, and they have got creative with their solutions. Despite the challenges that face hotels and short-stay accommodation currently, they have put processes in place to keep their guests safe without compromising on the level of luxury that their apartments provide.

Now it’s time for the weekly Zoom meeting before a long weekend. Have a good one!

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