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About Clear Networks.

Clear Networks are a longstanding provider of IT and communications solutions and support for businesses across the UK. The team at Clear Networks have a passion to deliver only the highest quality IT solutions to help them stand out in what is a highly saturated market.

John Doe
John DoeSteam Dreams CEO
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The Brief.

The goal with this client was to create a low cost, simple, professional-looking website with a modest budget. From strategy to launch, we leapt into action to help this smart tech company establish and uplift itself all whilst highlighting Clear Networks’ appeal: experience, knowledge, flexibility, high tech, ease of use, and peace of mind backup for any business’s IT and Telecom’s requirements.

WordPress Website Design.

We started off with the logo design. We produced 10 options for the client and showed him how to filter them into the new website’s structure.

When it came to the website we produced a simple one-page website that was well-structured, responsive, and mobile-first experience. It is the case that in the future, we can add extra content and pages quite simply with the way oit has been structured following the same branding that we have created. This has provided Clear Networks with a solid digital platform on which to roll out future service streams and new IT product offerings.

Web Windows have developed a simple yet compelling & sophisticated brand identity to help Clear Networks stand out from an ever-growing crowded market as well as a new customer facing website that is simple and is easy for clients to get in contact.

The Results.

The website was built and launched on WordPress, it’s clear, mobile-first and easy to navigate. It has been really well received by Vicky, the team as well as users. Time on site and bounce rate have improved and this is testament to the navigation and content.

Navigation was a serious issue on their old website and we now show clear pricing as well as the ability to sign up for the pod service. Web Windows created custom page template designs that are dynamic to allow easy updates as well the ability to add extra pages when new services are available.

It’s fully responsive and looks fantastic on all devices.

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