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A fresh WordPress design for an established IT Security Company in London

About Cybersight

Cybersight believe in taking the stress out of IT Security. They don’t just focus on point products, but take a wider view over an organisations Cyber Security, offering solutions to assess each businesses individual risks.

By working with their customers to understand the threats that their businesses are up against, and in utilising market leading security solutions and tailored services, they’re able to provide visibility and protection to every customer.

The Brief

The brief was to firstly rebrand their business and give them a more professional appearance. They also wanted to redesign their website and create something so that potential customers could better understand they services. Finally, we designed business cards and brand guidelines so they brand can be portrayed in the best way in the future

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Brand Guidelines

To make sure everything within your brand is consistent and to the correct specification Branding Guidelines are a useful tool. These can be used internally or sent out to an external source to help give a feel for your brand. The example below shows a simple but effective use of Brand Guidelines for CyberSight.

Logo Design

A logo is the face of every business, a way to identify a brand at a glance. CyberSight were looking for a clean and modern design for their new logo. Web Windows were able to draft up a total of 6 different designs to choose from. 

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