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Just go, Approved RV has a large range of ex-fleet/used Roller Team motorhomes for sale.

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About Approved RV

Just go, Approved RV has a large range of ex-fleet/used Roller Team motorhomes for sale, including trusted models popular with families and couples alike. Just Go has a knowledgeable team of staff, who are able to help you find the perfect motorhome for you at surprisingly good value. All of their used motorhomes are less than 2 years old when they come to sell them.

Imagine waking up in an A class motorhome with home from home comforts around you, taking a nice warm shower, putting the kettle on and stepping outside to a beautiful sandy beach in Cornwall; a freshly ploughed ski run in Austria; a vineyard in France; or perhaps your favourite distillery in Scotland. Wherever your location you are guaranteed to wake up feeling fully rested and energised, ready to explore your new surroundings.

This is all possible in a Just go motorhome and with their range of specially designed and selected motorhomes they offer something for everyone. The Just Go mission is to offer you a great motorhome hire experience coupled with exceptional customer service.

The Brief

Just Go was having issues with driving new leads towards the Approved RV arm of their business. With that in mind, Just Go had 3 main goals:

• Increase traffic to website via social media.
• Increase conversions from Social Media & Google AdWords
• Increase website traffic

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The Results

  • 49.8% increase in total website sessions.
  • 244% increase in website sessions from Social Media sources
  • 200% increase in conversions from Social Media sources
  • 560% increase in conversions from Google AdWords
  • Facebook followers up to 7.8% in 3 months

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