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A fresh WordPress design for an established Bridal boutique in Peterborough.

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About Vow Bridal

The Vow Bridal Gallery is the brainchild of Lisa Smith & Dave Gallagher – two of Web Windows favourite clients. You don’t meet many people as nice as Lisa & Dave but they have been a pleasure to deal with since day 1.

The bridal gallery is set in a perfect location in the historic village of Wansford just off the A1 near Peterborough. If there’s one thing you could say about the Vow Bridal Gallery it is that the location really allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of town and city centres and is ideal for brides looking for their wedding dress and grooms looking for their wedding suits in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland.

It’s brilliant, you can park right outside the boutique and it’s a stone’s throw away from two pubs. What else could you need?

Dave & Lisa have thought of every detail when it comes to the boutique, it is set across 4 separate rooms, and creates the perfect atmosphere for the bride, groom, friends & family to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Web Design brief

In early 2020, Dave and Lisa asked us to look at giving the Vow Bridal website a bit of a refresh. It ran an old theme and version of WordPress and it became difficu;t to update and add new content.

It was pretty essential to Vow that they could add new content because that was how they angle their communications. They are regular bloggers talking about the latest updates and trends that are happening within the Wedding industry.

It is also important that they can update images as trends change and we could see that most of their traffic entered the website on mobile from Instagram, Google & Pinterest.

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Brochure Website Design

We managed to give the website a nice fresh update. On the old site, navigation was very poor and it really didn’t work well on mobile. It was essential that we ironed out those issues. Images were the wrong site and sometimes pixelated.

It didn’t look terrible but by the time we finished it was almost as beautiful as some of the dresses that Dave & Lisa sell.

We were able to add in a few of the new ranges that they recently brought into stock and designed a custom template so that each page of dresses for each designer is identical. We felt that this gave the website really good consistency.

In terms of SEO the site ranks really highly for it’s selected terms. If you are looking for a wedding dress or wedding suit in Peterborough or surrounding areas then Vow is easy to find via Google Ads, Google Maps & through its organic listing on Google.

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