Marketing Audit: What It Is & Why Your Brand Needs One

Have you ever taken a step back to look at your business and thought ‘where am I going wrong’?  In truth, that’s a question that most business owners ask, and the answer can range from the small right up to the huge when it comes to issues.  Still, from a marketing perspective, it’s actually an […]

Why Choose Web Windows as Your Digital Marketing Partner?

We sometimes describe ourselves as an “integrated” marketing agency, so why’s that important? It means that if you’re are initially considering Web Windows for one of the five marketing services we offer; there is scope to develop the business relationship further. Hannah loves doing research We take our time to learn about your business so […]

Is Pinterest Included in your Social Media Strategy?

Pinterest’s useful features and it’s growing popularity make it an essential tool that should be utilised in your social media marketing strategy.  During the quarter ending in June, Pinterest boasted 300 million active users a month, a 30% rise compared to the previous quarter. Pinterest users have pinned 175 billion items on 3 billion virtual […]

Protect Your Email Forms from Signup Spam

Spam bots have become a huge problem for email subscription forms, especially if you are running a competition which will encourage hundreds or even thousands of automated entries. We are going to examine a few simple ways you can help protect your subscription forms from unwanted and automate signups that do not require you to […]

Channelling Customers’ Emotions into Sales

Customers can buy products and services for many different reasons, but the most powerful force you can harness is their emotions. Most decisions we take are driven by emotions, whether we know it or not, so make sure you have strategies in place to take advantage of that fact. It goes without saying that it […]

How Best to Look After Your E-commerce Customers

Businesses with higher levels of customer satisfaction will benefit from higher profit and productivity, as data shows from the UK Customer Satisfaction Index: This data reiterates the importance of customer service, regardless of the size of the business, though it is especially important in small and medium-size retailers. One of the attractions of independent […]

9 Ways Marketing is Moving Forward in 2019

The world never stays the same and the same goes for marketing. Every month brings new opportunities to improve your branding and marketing of products. In this article, we have a run-down of the top eight ways that marketing is changing for the better. 1. Social Media Stories Social media stories are a quick and […]

11 Marketing Tips for the World of GDPR

It may seem like GDPR came into forces many years ago, but it was only last May. However, the new rules have still left many companies feeling uncertain about what they should be doing about data protection. We have collated eleven ways to market your products and services in this world of GDPR. 1. Lists […]

How to Convert your Web Traffic into Sales

When operating a business that sells a product or service online, your website’s total visitor numbers are not necessarily the most important statistic to look at. Instead, you should be examining how many of those visitors turn into paying customers. If you believe you could or should be converting a greater percentage of your visitors […]

Three Tips to Help You Create Content Faster

If you feel you’re not creating enough content, you are not alone. Many people struggle with time and energy need to write good content. Here are three tips to help you create more content in less time. Meeting the demand for great content is not always easy. You may feel stuck when it comes to […]