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It’s essential that when communicating across whichever marketing channels your business uses, it does so in a way that is appropriate to your brand. A set of brand guidelines isn’t limited to large multinationals. Businesses of all sizes ought to have an agreed tone of voice, font, colour palette and set of rules for how your brand is presented.

Easy-to-maintain websites.

WordPress has become the No.1 software choice for professional web design companies. It has the benefit of housing a vast amount of specialist plug-ins to improve performance, manage basic SEO tasks and allow for custom integrations. This means that if you have particular requirements for your market (like a calculator tool or an availability calendar), you can avoid the expense of custom coding.

Exploring the world of ecommerce.

Web Windows designers use Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce to build e-commerce sites that make the buying experience effortless for your customers. These three platforms are incredibly powerful and popular with business owners across the world.

To get tangible results, user-experience is key. In the hands of an experienced designer, a shopping site using Magneto will enhance the users’ experience and potentially encourage customers to spend more.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that we work. We have Web Windows offices in Peterborough, Northampton, Norwich and Bedford, we also offer online consultations to make the process easier and safer. We want to make sure that you’re safe and comfortable during the planning phase of any website design.

We’re a digital marketing agency and we practice what we preach. We’re always proactive to any challenges the world may throw at us!


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