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Ecommerce Website Design

Fully mobile compatible, integrated, and fully bespoke to your eCommerce needs and requirements. The perfect option to get your new or existing eCommerce business into the digital age and in front of more customers than ever before.

High quality traffic to your store.

Here at Web Windows Marketing, our web designers focus on eCommerce design that helps businesses of all sizes drive high-quality traffic into their online stores. From businesses that are just getting off the ground, to businesses that have a growing loyal customer base and want to move on to bigger and better things.

We design and build your professional website using WordPress and WooCommerce. Using both WordPress and WooCommerce together gives you a powerful partnership on which to help your business grow, taking away the complicated back end coding and letting you do what you’re best at; selling your products online.

WooCommerce Web Design.

When we add WooCommerce to that mix, you get a website that is fully set up for selling, with powerful features to ensure your customers get an easy to use front end, and you get an easy to use back end to manage your sales and inventory.

The best bit? WooCommerce is fully integrated with some of the biggest named apps in the industry for your peace of mind and ease of use.

If you’re using Safe or Xero for your accounting software, there’s an integration for that. Want to offer your customers Apple Pay or Google Pay options? There’s an integration for them too.

Your choice of payment services.

Every business online needs some way for customers to be able to pay, and that includes your online store. Adding payment options to your eCommerce site is a must.

We’ll help you get up and running with some of the most trusted and secure payment methods on the web.

Payment options like PayPal and SagePay are common payment methods available on WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms, helping your customers purchase from you with peace of mind.

High-converting product pages

When planning your new eCommerce website design, we’ll take you through how to create those easy to navigate, high-converting product pages that will have your customers buying more from your online shop than ever before.

We have a vast amount of experience over a variety of eCommerce site designs, we help you to prioritise search engine optimisation across your website, including on all product and category pages, to ensure that your products have a better chance of getting onto the search engine results page for Google and across all other major search engines.

Seamless checkout process

User experience is everything on a customer journey, and having a seamless checkout process is one of the most important parts of the design for successful online stores.

Your customers want to be able to come to your online shop, put items in their shopping cart and check out without fuss and hassle. We make that happen.

Responsive design.

Online shopping has changed massively in the last five years, and here at Web Windows we are keeping up with the trends by creating eCommerce websites that are fast, user friendly, and work on all devices.

Great design means focusing on site speed and usability, the cornerstones of the eCommerce experience. Our professional eCommerce web design team will create you a site that performs at it’s best, across all devices, and gives a great user experience, boosting your sales and helping you to build a successful online business.

Creating the best eCommerce experience.

Our experienced and creative designers work with online stores and eCommerce business customers every day. We have a wealth of examples to show how we have helped to design category pages, pages for products, landing pages, and any other design elements that eCommerce businesses need to keep customers coming back. We focus on keeping your site easy to navigate as well as SEO friendly to give it the best chance of showing up in the search results.

How much do eCommerce website designs cost?

We take a flexible approach to web design, working on a fixed hourly rate of £65. Every client is different and needs a different approach to their build and design process.

When designing your website, we take a whole team approach, utilising the skills and experience across our varied team members to ensure that every aspect of your website has had that expert touch and is based on expert knowledge.

If you’d like to get a better feel for what your website would cost, give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

Some examples of previous websites we’ve worked on include:


Calculate the cost of your Website.

Use our interactive web design cost calculator tool to plan your website design project, and receive a free estimate/proposal from our team for your web design project.

Extra Ecommerce Design Options.

Does your eCommerce website need a few extra parts to make it a real success? Our team will be happy to work with you to ensure that every aspect of your website works for you and in a way that you can easily manage. Extra services may include things like:

Multi-currency eCommerce stores

Designing your website to appeal to users across the globe and allowing them to make purchases in their own local currency easily and without extra processing fees. This expands your revenue options to a global market.

Call tracking

Need to track your marketing efficiency? We can help you set up telephone call tracking to track and monitor your telephone enquiries.

Your choice of eCommerce platform

Integrate your website with some of the world’s biggest and most popular apps and services, leaning on their expertise and experience rather than having to hand-code services from scratch. These services may include the likes of Xero accounting software, eBay shopping, Shopify, Amazon Storefronts, Magento, and Google Shopping options.

On-Page SEO

Help your website be found on Google and by your users faster and with more reliability in the long term than costly advertising campaigns, helping to boost your sales and build trustworthiness across the web.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an eCommerce website?

If your new business or current business sells any products, physical or digital, online or you sell services online, this would fall under the category of an eCommerce store.

eCommerce covers any type of online selling, be it an auction, trade, barter, or pure sales. eCommerce also includes selling services online, such as coaching, counselling, consultancy, or any other type of service that may be useful to someone else.

When building an eCommerce website two areas are absolutely vital: privacy and security.

Your users need to know that when they do their online shopping their data and their privacy will be respected, especially when making payments online, and that any financial details like credit card numbers will be securely handled and dealt with according to the privacy and data handling laws of their country.

Want more revenue for your business?

Give the eCommerce website design team at Web Windows Marketing a call today to discuss your requirements for your brand new eCommerce website.

We’ll be able to advise on the type of services we can offer and on what extras you may need. We can also take you through some of the legalities you’ll need to be aware of as you grow your eCommerce empire!

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