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We're a team of Magento web designers and developers. Our agency specialises in cutting-edge eCommerce Magento web design that drives conversions and creates explosive sales!

Completely custom Magento web development

We’re the preferred Magento agency of choice for some of the world’s leading brands. Our designers will work with you to build a stunning eCommerce website with either Magento 1 or Magento 2; opening up your possibilities of developing a custom Magento eCommerce site to truly meet your business needs.

Our extremely talented web designers have helped hundreds of businesses realise the true potential of eCommerce success using Magento. With an expert working knowledge of the Magento platform, our agency is highly skilled in building websites that support business growth and revenue for the future.

We’ll help you decide what’s best for your online business by thinking of all of the possibilities. Meaning, we’ll never limit your services. We’ll ensure never to hinder performance. We’ll support you through your platform choice from Magento 1, Magento 2 or, Magento Enterprise.

Magento's full capabilities and features

The Magento platform is a fully-packaged eCommerce solution. Magento takes care of your stock inventory, has flexible design options and, Magento can fully integrate with plenty of plugins and APIs.

Responsive design

Making your customer experience seamless on desktop, mobile and tablet. Being able to track sales across multiple devices to understand how your customers behave on your site.

Customisable development options

Building a unique website tailored to your brand is what separate the world’s leading eCommerce stores from the rest. We’ll design a completely unique Magento website tailored around your brand.

Built-in analytics

Magento gives you built-in web analytics to track user behaviour from start-to-finish. See what causes your users to leave the site. Understanding your users to guide design and development changes.

Third-party integrations

Link your email marketing campaigns, payment systems or, order management systems to your Magento eCommerce platform. Taking your web design to the next levels of user experience.

Customise your products and services

Design product pages that attract and convert customers. The features of your product pages can help drive more sales and retain business. Think customer first. By giving them what they need.

SEO-friendly code

Magento is lightweight, fast and designed with search engines in mind. SEO is a great way to build your organic performance. Combining web design and SEO together for a true digital marketing experience.

Purpose-built website design and development

Our agency will support you through the available features of Magento 2 to make selling your products easy. Each website we build is completely bespoke to your services. With over 10 years’ of development and design experience, we know what works.

Combining digital marketing with any new website development is an amazing way to get more brand attention quickly. Your website experience is incredibly important to your online success. Through SEO, social media advertising, content marketing and PPC; we’ll put your products in front of potential customers better than anybody else.

We highly recommend you take the time to make sure your digital marketing efforts support the launch of your website.

Talk to us, we'd be happy to help!

If you’re completely new to Magento 2 or eCommerce in general; our team can support you through the process. You can contact us on the email address below with your name and project details (including current website). We’re always excited to hear from any new business so, don’t be shy, get in touch!

Bespoke Magento migrations

If you don’t need a new website, but in fact want to upgrade your business from Magento 1 to Magento 2; we’re here to help you. Our developers will take the time to protect your content, your commerce database, transfer existing extensions and plugins to make sure your website and business aren’t impacted.

Our team will support your business throughout the entire process. Making us the best choice in a partner for your Magento migration. We’ll take care of the design and the development. You can stay focused on keeping your customers happy.

Common questions about Magento

It’s easy to let things get complicated, trust us, we know! We’ve worked in digital for close to 20 years’ (we feel old) and we’ve seen it all. If you want to get your business online but need a few more questions answering first, no worries; we’ve got you!

A Magento site can take up to three months to build. This, of course, depends on your use. If you don’t have complicate commerce requirements; it makes the development of the site easier. Your site will need to be tested thoroughly before launch. From mobile functionality to every individual extension and plugin. We simply won’t put your site live until it you feel great about it.

It’s so popular because of how flexible and how capable it is as an eCommerce platform. It can be easy to use and offers a fantastic user experience for any online shop. It can integrate with your email platforms to support your digital marketing campaigns unlike any other CMS (content management system).

Depending on the use of your site, the costs can range from £3,000 to £10,000. Our team will make a website that is tailored to your budget so, please speak to our team about your needs. Whether you run a small local shop or a national business, we’re certain that we can design and develop you a site that you’ll absolutely love (and so will your users).

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