Four Week Ad Banner Campaign
on the Mail Online

Late Availability from £615

Late Availability Rates for July 2019

40,000 Baner Ads

Leaderboard Banner
Weekly Reporting
28 days campaign

75,000 Baner Ads

Leaderboard Banner
Weekly Reporting
28 days campaign

95,000 Baner Ads

Leaderboard Banner
Weekly Reporting
28 days campaign

The average visitor spends 3.5x longer per month on the MailOnline than other News brand websites

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The World’s Most Successful Newspaper Website

Walk through any open plan office at lunchtime and you’ll witness the popularity of the Daily Mail website. It’s unrivalled mix of news, opinion and celebrity gossip attracts more visitors than any other newspaper website in the world. Its success however is a double-edged sword for the publisher who regularly have unsold banner inventory available at prices considerably less than rate card. We have the best strategies to buy at rates you wouldn’t believe.

Gender Male/Female 51%
35-54 23%
Average Income: £41,000
Social Demographic ABC1 73%

How It Works

We’ll Design your FREE of Charge banner
One of our talented designers will create a draft to your specification, we’ll move to the next stage once we have ‘approval’.

The Campaign goes live
The artwork is uploaded to the system and the campaign begin for a minimum for 28 days depending on how many impressions you book.

You’ll be sent weekly reports
This allows to keep up to speed with how the campaign is running.

Our after-sales team will be in touch
We have a number of “Results Guru’s” who are dedicated to the success of your campaign. They will be in touch after the first week to let you know how it is going and with any suggestions for campaign improvements.

Four Stage Online Process

Let us know which market you're wanting to target
We design your ads followed by your approval
Set campaign live and optimise
Once a week we will email a detailed campaign report full of stats

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