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Hire Tom Anderson & his team as your Marketing Consultants. He’ll provide you with creativity, insight and pragmatic business sense.

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Tom Anderson – our resident Marketing Consultant oversees our 15 strong team of Digital Marketing experts. Tom and the team will work with you or your team for an agree amount of hours a month and undertake various assignments. A key benefit is that you only pay for the hours worked meaning you get 100% focus and.

As a Marketing Consultant, Tom will perform more of a Marketing Director-type role rather than a Marketing Manager, and his insight will be to the overall benefit of the company rather than a single department.

Tom Anderson is a 30 something-year-old high-achieving business graduate. He has expanded the digital agency five-fold, incorporated it in the US and has recently spearheaded a management buyout to become a co-owner of Web Windows Marketing Limited. Tom started as trainee in 2010, having graduated from Leeds with a business management degree and he has lived on a strict diet of internet marketing ever since.

Our Areas of Expertise: Digital Marketing

Marketing consultants with credible marketing knowledge and proven track record are a rare breed. It’s easy to see why because a good marketing executive can transform a business’s profits and in doing so, justify a six-figure salary.

The problem many marketing directors now face is that the marketing rulebook keeps getting re-written; because of this, anything that was studied more than five years ago is almost worthless. With the ever-increasing importance of the Internet affecting every business, a new breed of marketer has come to prominence.

We have experts for every part of the Digital Marketing Mix. We have our PPC teams, Social Media, Content Writing – no matter what it is, we have you covered. The best thing is you are only paying for the hours we work. There are no wasted man-hours, just 100% focus meaning with a few hours of our time each month, we will direct you towards a more successful marketing strategy.

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