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We help brands connect with their target audience better than ever before. We can help your business get the right attention needed to succeed. Influencer marketing has never made more sense for online businesses than right now.

A new approach to influencer marketing.

At Web Windows Marketing, we’ve built long-term influencer partnerships in nearly all industries. Picking the right influencers can make or break your marketing strategies. Our goal is to shape a marketing strategy that seamlessly integrates your products and services to an already active audience. Being able to connect with some of the world’s best content creators can dramatically change your brand’s success online.

The good thing is; we’re a full-service influencer agency. Meaning, from developing your marketing campaign to connecting with influencers; we handle it all for you. You need an influencer marketing agency that will continue to protect your brand in all situations. We make sure everything is done right and, if it’s not, we’ll work tirelessly with each influencer until it is.

Our influencer marketing services.

If you’re looking for the top social media influencers, bloggers or online content creators; we’ve got you. We offer a huge range of influencer marketing services that aim to drive commercial ROI into your business.

Influencer marketing strategies.

Picking the best influencer for your marketing campaign is only the start. We use data to focus on where your target audience is in real-time. This gives us the detailed insight we need for content creation that represents your brand in a non-disruptive way. Each brand we help have different marketing needs. One thing that always stays the same is the need for engaging content that an influencer’s followers will love. Influencer marketing is about connecting brands to people through native content to whichever social platform your audience is. We back all of our decisions with data, campaign reporting and regular consulting calls with our influencers.

Influencer campaign management.

Our job is to help brands generate huge online awareness. When we work with influencers, we align all marketing campaigns to the brand’s culture, context and audience. We will track and monitor the effectiveness of each element of the campaign. From increasing followers, audience demographics, which social media platform works best; we handle it all for you. Influencer marketing should continue to build over time and we provide you with all of the tools to analyse and report on the campaign’s success.

Full-service digital marketing.

We help brands understand that an influencer marketing campaign can benefit other marketing channels such as SEO, email subscriptions and, of course, their own social media channels. Digital marketing should be approached holistically to get the best ROI. Each element of our marketing strategies compliments the next. Need content? No worries. New to working with influencers? We’ve got your back. Unlike other marketing agencies, our services really mean you can control everything from start to finish.

Data-driven influencer selection.

We only work with relevant influencers to the market your brand operates in. Whether that’s beauty, fashion, music, travel – we’ll find the right influencer based on data-driven research. We only want to reach relevant audiences to maximise the return you get on your spend. If we don’t choose the right social media influencers, your brand awareness will be impacted. That’s why we only work with influencers who have an established community. It eliminates the guesswork. Using our 20 years of expertise in digital marketing and in-house technology, it’ll allow us to identify authentic audiences for your brand.

Connecting brands and influencers.

We want your brand to be seen by the right people at all times. Not only that, we want the relationship between the brands and influencers we work with to be creative and open. Influencer marketing campaigns are made better by strong relationships between brands and creators. Whether it’s home micro-influencers or global influencer marketing channels; communication, creativity and attention is absolutely key to success.

Building brand awareness means more attention.

Whether Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter; your brand awareness is how you attract new customers. We’ll help you find the right channel to integrate with our influencer marketing strategies. For example, we wouldn’t choose influencers across Facebook when your brand mainly focuses on Twitter as an area of growth. It’s these small nuances that make our influencer marketing services so special.

Create a buzz on social media.

Going viral doesn’t have to be impossible. The power of social media can take a brand with a small budget and launch them into the hearts of hundreds, thousands and, even millions of people. We want to help brands bring their products and services into the homes of more people. Social media is a great and cost-effective way to do this. Using influencers as an ‘introduction’ to your brand can help build trust with your potential audience.

Micro-influencers, macro growth.

Many brands overlook the huge potential that comes along with working with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have smaller audiences but are hugely engaged. This is the ideal influencer to work with. A genuinely authentic audience on social media is hard to come by but, a smaller marketing influencer could be the key to unlocking unreal brand awareness.

Influencer marketing - FAQs

We know that many brands are not familiar with influencer marketing. It’s only a recent concept that people believe is reserved for companies with huge budgets. We’ve broken down some of the most commonly asked questions about influencer marketing services below.

Our main job is to find influencers, content creators and online personalities that could help introduce your brand to an already engaged audience of people. By removing friction between brand and consumer, we help sell your products and services (mainly on social media) by structuring a marketing campaign focused on the user. We focus on maximising reach with relevant audiences whilst at the same time producing content that people love to engage with.

We welcome all influencers to have a conversation with us. If we feel you can work well in our style of influencer marketing campaigns, it could be a great way to explore this option. We’re looking for social media influencers on all platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter).

It’s our job to help you calculate a budget and spend based on your goals and aspirations of influencer marketing. A successful campaign doesn’t need to cost thousands. Your brand will make a huge difference in the opportunities which we can take advantage of. However, it’s important to remember that the bigger the influencer, the most costs are going to be involved with working with them.

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