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Are you looking for a reliable social media management agency who will work with you to create and manage your social media channels so that they work well for your business?

Reliable Social Media Management.

Here at Web Windows Marketing, We take care of your Social Media accounts to ensure you have a consistent and high-quality voice across the social landscape. Whether you need Facebook Management, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or even LinkedIn Management, our expert team are here to help you succeed.

We have an in-house team of social media specialists with experience in writing and designing social media.

Content is king. stand out from the crowd

How much are we talking?

We have a range of packages to suit every business size, starting from as little as £395 per month.

Packages include the option to scale up where necessary and cover the basics from creating a strategy, scheduling and posting, right up to social media marketing and influencer engagement.

Our goal is to make digital marketing affordable and effective for all business owners; no matter the company size. Social media (whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) has proved itself as an effective channel for revenue.

Starter Package

£ 395 + VAT
  • Social Media Strategy document
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 12 Social Media Posts per Month
  • Community Engagement
  • Post boosting
    (£5/10 per day suggested budget)
  • Monthly Reporting

Popular Package

£ 695 + VAT
  • Same as previous package
  • 16 Social Media Posts per month
  • 2 Instagram Stories per week
  • Highlight Creation
  • Social Media Ad Management
    (£250 - £2500 suggested budget)
  • 2 Blog articles per month

Premium Package

£ 995 + VAT
  • Same as previous package
  • 30 Social Media Posts per month
  • Daily Instagram Stories
  • Social Media Ad Management
    (£250 - £2500 suggested budget)
  • 4 Blog articles per month
  • Influencer Management

Content Is King.

Here at Web Windows Marketing, we’re a social media agency who know how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd. Especially in a crowded space like Facebook or Instagram.

Social media marketing is about building brand awareness, promoting your brand and, reaching new customers.

A solid social media strategy should naturally build interest. We’ll help you do that by creating bespoke social media content, scheduling posts at the perfect time. We’ll also create social adverts to put your content in front of the right people.

If you’re looking for a social media service with a premium touch, we offer extended packages that include bespoke photography and videography, so that your business can reach your audience with more creative social media content that stands out from the competition.

Using your own images and your own video helps you to show what your business is really about. Creating a little glimpse into life behind the scenes and bringing the human element back to your social accounts with the faces and voices of your brand and your staff.

Anyone in marketing knows, a good marketing campaign tells a story, and that’s exactly what we want to do with your social accounts; tell your story to the world.

Ads and Analysis.

Do you want to take your socials to the next level? We include the option for advertising and analysis with our social media management services, giving you the chance to reach a wider audience for a small investment.

Social advertising is incredibly powerful, allowing you to really drill down to your target audience quite specifically. We’ll ensure you don’t waste money advertising to people who just aren’t interested in your products, and when you do spend money on advertising, it’s to those people who will be excited to buy from you.

We also provide analytics with all of our social package levels, helping you to see how well your social media channels are doing over time and to identify any areas that may need a bit of tweaking here and there.

Analytic can be challenging to read with a lot of information to take in. We’ll provide you with clear and straightforward reporting, some suggestions on where to improve, and of course, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your social media accounts.

What's included in our plans?

Different service levels have different things included with them, but we are always happy to discuss your requirements with you to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need for the best price possible.

You can think of us as your social media manager. We prepare your strategy, plan your content calendar, launch your

Here’s a quick breakdown of what can be included in your social media management packages.

Social Media Posts

At every level of our social packages, we offer post creation. This process is straightforward and we make it as easy for you to approve as possible.

Our team of skilled copywriters will work on as many social media posts as needed for you each week, ensuring that each one has a purpose and a clear call to action behind it.

We work with you to get your tone of voice right because your tone of voice is your business’ way of communicating with your customers. Every post we write will sound like it’s come directly from you.

Visual Content

There are many different ways to get visuals across social media. From photos to videos, designed infographics to gifs. Not every business is the same, and not every type of visual is right for you.

We work with you to make sure every post looks as good as it sounds, and it has the best eye-catching visual possible.


The world is moving on incredibly quickly, and video content on social media is fast becoming the norm.

To keep up with this trend, we’ve invested heavily in the right people and the right kit to be able to create engaging social videos for your channels.

We’ll either use stock video, video that you’ve shot and sent to us, or we can offer a videography service to help you capture some unique videography of your business.

Timing And Approval

We know how important it is to get your posts out at the right time, and we also know that not every business is the same. We’ll work with you and your analytics reports to decide on the best times for your posts to go out to your audience, making sure you get to as many of them as possible to maximise engagement and clicks.

Worried about the approvals process? Don’t be! We make it simple for you to give feedback on and approve what we’re ready to post by using, our post scheduling tool.

Social Media Advertising.

The world of social media has changed rapidly over the last few years, and if you’re not investing in social media advertising, there’s a big chance you’re missing out on reaching your biggest potential audience.

There are three main metrics our social media management services focus on, these are:

Reach –  the number of people your posts are getting to.
Engagement –  the number of people who are interacting with your posts.
Website Traffic –  the number of people who are following links through to your website.

Our team of social media experts will work with you to make sure we create adverts that will do the job they’re intended to do. Whether that’s building an audience, selling products, boosting engagement, getting people to go to an event, or anything else.

Some of the social media campaigns you may wish to consider include:

Product Sales – using social media management to increase your product sales. We have a huge wealth of experience in this area and have recently generated sales of over £1m for just one of our social clients!
Lead Generation – using social media ads, we can put your business in front of those who are most likely to need it, and we can generate hot leads for you to follow up with later.
App Installs – your apps need users, and we can help you find those users and get your app installed by using social media ads to target the right people at the right time.

Social Media Community Management.

Building a social media audience is all about managing the community. Being there to respond to people when they need it, answering questions, handling complaints, and dropping a gif or two in the comments section!

Your dedicated account manager will manage your community by:

Engaging with them  – Helping to create and foster meaningful conversations between you and your audience and building engagement growth.
Handling Customer Enquiries – Providing an answering service for incoming questions and queries, answering the easy ones and following up with you for the more complicated queries.
Community Moderation – Watching out for spam, bots, and those people who don’t like to engage pleasantly on social media. We’ll also handle complaints in the best way possible for your business to retain your credibility in public.
Influencer Engagement – We’ll help your business build meaningful connections with real influencers in your industry to build your authority and spread your message.
Growing Your Followers – Growing an organic social media following is hard to do, but we’ll work with you to ensure we’re growing your audience with real and relevant followers and fans.

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