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We're a friendly web design agency based in Oldham with over 20 years' experience in website design. We design beautiful experiences on responsive websites for each business we work with. Websites are your customer's first impression of your brand. Why not make it count? Our designers and people are what makes us different from every other web design company in Oldham; we truly do care about each business we work with

If you’re looking for a passionate Oldham web designer that’s right for your business, look no further.

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Website design made simple

Web design doesn’t need to be complicated – it needs to be effective. We’re a small web design agency that lives and breathes everything digital. We want to build businesses through website design that wows, entices the click and, encourages the purchase.

Logo design and branding

People remember brands and experiences. Alongside unparalleled high-quality web design, we also offer branding services to help make your business unforgettable. Great brand development should stand the test of time and a professional logo design is the first step to seeing success online.

Social media advertising

We’ll work with your company to design social media adverts that engage and convert. Your Facebook page is where your customers can build trust with your brand. Take the time to learn your demographics. Understand what your target audience needs and deliver it to them at the right time; every time.

Monthly website hosting and maintenance

SSL certificate expired? Let us keep your site secure and maintained at all times. We offer monthly website hosting and maintenance packages to keep all websites safe from online threats. Our website maintenance plans are an affordable way to protect your site from the thousands of attempted hacks that happen every week.

Get more business from Google with SEO

Bring more people to your new website through Google. Websites without traffic are wasted money. We’ll take your investment and accelerate your organic growth through search engine marketing. Attract new customers and convert them higher than ever before with SEO. Google is the most popular search engine on the planet – why not dominate it?

Content marketing

Your business needs content. It’s really that simple. With a solid content marketing plan, you can reach a much wider audience. Become the authority at each stage of the user’s journey. Whether you’re trying to sell your services to a local audience in Oldham or cast a wider net; great content and the website design are how you get results.

Get a free no-obligation web design quote

Need to find out more about our design agency? No worries! You can contact us using the form below to speak to one of our friendly web designers in Oldham. We’d be happy to talk about costs, your requirements and, find out more about your business.

Reach more local clients online

Your customers expect a company to have a fast and responsive website. From your website’s navigation to each page that gets traffic can make a huge difference to UX. The COVID pandemic has proven how important it is to make your business accessible to clients online. Whether you own a restaurant, a flowery delivery service or, a fashion brand, allowing your customers to order from the web is a fantastic way to secure your business.

Your choice of eCommerce platforms

eCommerce websites should be bespoke, easy-to-use and, built with SEO in mind. We create and design websites that engage your users and convert highly. Most businesses in Oldham have yet to realise the true potential of web design.

Improve conversions, drive more revenue

Did you know that a slow website can cost you money? The websites we create for businesses all across Manchester are fast, reliable and convert customers across all devices. Building a truly mobile experience will help you make more sales from your website.

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means your website resizes and adapts to each screen size and resolution. Each website we build uses custom CSS and HTML (website coding languages) to hide, shrink or enlarge elements on a web page for all devices (mobile, tablet and desktops). WordPress websites have a huge range of plugins available that make this process extremely quick and easy.

How much does website design cost?

Our team tries to make each website as affordable as possible. On average, our prices range from £2,000 to £4,600 depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your website. Each business is different so please speak to our designers first, they’ll be more than happy to help!

Can a website help with digital marketing?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, if you don’t have a website your digital marketing campaigns are only borrowed. If you rely on social media platforms, rather than having your own website, you’re missing out on money! A website is where you house your content and where you use what you own to build audiences.

Will marketing help drive traffic to my website?

On average a website can take up to 4 weeks from start to finish. This includes website research, web design references, development, audience research and web design revisions. If we’re producing a content strategy for you, this can add another 2-3 weeks.

Web Design Oldham

If you’re looking for an Oldham website design company to help you build a business online, Web Windows Marketing is the perfect fit for you. Every business based in Manchester is welcome to either email or call our team of web designers for an informal chat or a free no-obligation quote.

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